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Is Clutter Holding You back?

Is Clutter Holding You Back? 

My word this year is FOCUS. As I have been trying hard to stay focused I have become increasingly more aware of how clutter affects me. 

Visual clutter seems to lead to mind clutter! Even if the clutter is not apparent on the outside - it is there when I open the drawer.  

When I grew up spring and fall cleaning was a ritual. Clearing through closets, washing walls and windows, putting everything in order. 

Doing this changes the energy. Somehow I have not adopted this practice, I blame it on my day to day busyness. I always do the filing cabinet at year end- cleaning out the previous year's files and putting them into storage. It seems general purging gets left behind. 

In the last couple of weeks, I have had several conversations around energy. I started rereading my books on Feng Shui, I met a Fung Shui practitioner, an energy healer and was introduced to energy work through my harp teacher. 

The universe has an amazing way of showing us what we need to hear if we are ready to listen! 

Decluttering helps to remove blockages that stop the flow of energy and creativity. 

Creating art is all about flow- you can see that there is a direct correlation between your creativity, your productivity and your energy. If things are a mess it is easy to procrastinate and makes it harder to get started. 

 Do you have clutter in your studio? 

It can be overwhelming  - chunk it down into small size bites. Here is a list to get you started. 

       1. Clean one drawer or bin at a time.

       2. Donate seldom used items to less fortunate.

       3. Throw away dried up paint and pens

        4. Recycle damaged matts and papers

 I have to go tackle


drawer now.

     Will you be joining me?


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