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Do you Paint in Your Pajamas?

                                                               and other questions you have asked


    Where do you get your inspiration?

    For the most part I paint intuitively so am really inspired by my day to day life. I mostly paint figurtive work and abstract landscapes. I am inspired my nature, music, poetry and quotes. 

    How do you get it all done?

  First of all that is a myth - I don't get it all done! It is a well known fact that high achievers have lots of unfinished projects. Count me in on that! There are several reasons I get a lot done. I work a lot! My art is my business and my livelihood. I set goals and intentions. I schedule and create lists. I use software that keeps me on track. I still like to use a large paper daytimer. I plan my year, my month, my week and my day. I try hard to stay on target. I am mindful of time wasters. I have learned to say no to events and people that don't serve me. 

  When do you create?

 I have no set time so it varies from day to day depending on what else is on my schedule (I have 2 other businesses so I am often booked with appointments during the day.) I am not so good at creating at night anymore! If I have deadlines I am working on I go in my studio in the early morning around 5.00 and work until 7.00 or 8.00 before I start my real day. I find this easier to do in the summer when it is light out. I often grab a couple of hours in the late afternoon. 

Do you paint everyday? 

I try to although sometimes it is only for 10 minutes. 

How do you get into your flow state? 

I use a centering exercise or my chakra chimes to quickly get into a deep relaxed space where I am most creative. 

How do you stay so organized?

It is a facade! I work hard at it though. I categorize my tasks and bundle them together and spend chunks of time doing them. I use a pomodora timer to stay focused. I plan my menu and make meals ahead. I try hard not to multitask. I categorize all my art supplies and label them. 

What do you do to relax?

I try to go for a walk everyday - not only to relax but to create energy. Most days I either have a sauna or bath to unwind before bed. I journal and play the harp. 

When you are not working what do you do?

Well there is not to much time left over but I do like to schedule in music events several times a month. In the summer I enjoy getting out in the canoe and going camping. I like poking around in antique stores and home decor stores. 

How do you stay motivated? 

I have never had a problem with motivation probably because I have always loved my job. I have been self employed since 1983. I have worked from home since 1991. 

 Do you paint in your pajamas?

No! I am always dressed before I start my day. 

How old where you when you had your first business? 

I was thirteen. I sold Regal greeting cards door to door. I lived in the country so this was a lot of miles on a bike. 

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