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Paint from Your Heart

 I recently held my “Paint from Your Heart” intuitive painting workshop in my studio.  I had 7 ladies in total. Only three had ever painted before.  I was blown away by the results. We started by making doodles in black. Then added a layer of warm tones using a variety of mark making tools. Then […]


When Dreams Change

                                When Dreams Change It was always a dream of mine to become a full time practicing artist. I made that dream a reality in 2009. At first, I loved it and spent many hours creating. I was going in […]


The Aftermath of a Workshop

TThe Aftermath of a Workshop Leftover Paint! I can’t see it go to waste so I grab a canvas and start playing. This is how I start my work but with a bit more thought about my palette.  My focus now is to just use up the leftovers. Every colour imaginable!  Here is what started to […]


Is Clutter Holding You back?

Is Clutter Holding You Back?  My word this year is FOCUS. As I have been trying hard to stay focused I have become increasingly more aware of how clutter affects me.  Visual clutter seems to lead to mind clutter! Even if the clutter is not apparent on the outside – it is there when I […]


Paint From Your Heart

Paint from your Heart What does paint from your heart mean?  For me it means painting my truth. Painting what stirs us, what we are passionate about. We need to have a connection with what we paint to give the painting energy. We need to be true to our own artistic voice.  So how do […]


Do you Paint in Your Pajamas?                                                                and other questions you have asked       Where do you get your inspiration?     For the […]


Is Fear Holding you back

  Sometimes fear masquerades as procrastination. Are you scared to try new things – fearful that you won’t be good at or you will fail? Are you scared to take a step to express your creativity because you can’t even draw a straight line or you have always been told you weren’t creative or that […]



This fall I had the opportunity to teach a five week mixed media workshop through CreateAbility for special needs adults. This was an Oceanside Community Arts Council project funded by BC Arts Council. I had a blast and was amazed at the results. These people where a joy to work with and so happy to […]


Encaustic Collage Workshops

I have had a run on Encaustic Collage workshops this fall in my studio – in total 24 people have discovered this molten medium(beeswax). I am just thrilled to show you the outstanding work that was created. Please let me know what you think in a comment below.