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Paint from Your Heart

 I recently held my “Paint from Your Heart” intuitive painting workshop in my studio. 

I had 7 ladies in total. Only three had ever painted before. 

I was blown away by the results. We started by making doodles in black. Then added a layer of warm tones using a variety of mark making tools. Then a layer of cool colours was added. The result is creative chaos. 

From this, as a group project, we looked for imagery in the mark making. Everyone sees something different but it is up to the individual artist to make the final decision to take the work to completion.  

The painting is developed by using transparent and opaque layers. 6 out of 7 of these paintings were created without the use of any photo reference other than the imagination. 


Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  


If you are interested in taking the workshop it is running again on may 11th. 

To register click here. 



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This fall I had the opportunity to teach a five week mixed media workshop through CreateAbility for special needs adults. This was an Oceanside Community Arts Council project funded by BC Arts Council.

I had a blast and was amazed at the results. These people where a joy to work with and so happy to create a painting!

Each week we did a different project. Take a look at what fun we had!


Week Two

We learned about Kandinsky today and talked about what makes our heart sing. Instead of doing circles we did Kandinsky hearts. We started with a heart cut out of a paper music score. Next step was to add colours around the heart. Everyone picked a word that resonated with them and we used a rubber stamp to put it on the painting. Lastly we added some bling in the heart for the focal point.

Week Three

We did a vase of flowers. By starting with a cutout shape of a vase made out of pre-stamped papers. The flowers where fashioned by using a stamp made out of insulation pipe. The leaves where added with a leaf shaped stamp made out of fun foam. The table cloth was designed with a stencil and some of them got over stamped. For adding accents we added buttons to the center of the flower and for some of the tiny blossoms.

Week Four

Seascapes this week. We started out painting a blue background. We added texture waves with molding paste. At the base natural paper with inclusions of darker paper was torn into rock shapes and collaged on. On top of this some natural sand gel was put on.  We created the final wave spray by using a toothbrush to make a fine mist.


Week Five

This week we tackled a big sky landscape with a road. We painted the sky portion first -everyone choose there own palette. Next we did the earth area. Collage paper was added to form a straight horizon line and a road. Dictionary paper was collage on to add some lighter value and interest. Embroidery thread was added to give the illusion of background hills. The final touches of trees, flowers and sunshine was achieved with fun foam shapes.