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Is Fear Holding you back



Sometimes fear masquerades as procrastination.

Are you scared to try new things – fearful that you won’t be good at or you will fail?

Are you scared to take a step to express your creativity because you can’t even draw a straight line or you have always been told you weren’t creative or that your brother or sister got all the talent in your family.

Are you paralyzed by the thought of trying? Conjuring up worst case scenarios?

Are you scared to enter a juried competition for fear of rejection?

Are you afraid to take risks with your art work in fear of failing?

What if instead we focused on the positive aspect.

What if it was just an experiment.

…….we cannot fail if we are experimenting.

What if I actually did succeed – how would I feel?

What if I did win?

What if I did get accepted into the juried show.

What about remembering other times in our life we have had success and imagine it could happen again with this new experience.

And so what if we fail! Realistically what is the worst possible thing that could happen? How would you bounce back?

Are your fears even real or validated or have they just grown into something larger than life?

What if you wrote about in you journal or shared your thoughts with your best friend?

Get your fears out of your head!

Maybe a change in mindset is all that is needed.

What if you just took a baby step – dip your toes in! Start moving forward one small step at a time. You will build momentum and your self confidence will grow.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have always wanted to do art  why not sign up for a workshop.

If you are stuck in your art or don’t know how to finish an evaluation/critique might be helpful.

If you want to move forward in a big way with your art I have a year long  mentorship program.

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